Janice Peacock

Author of the Glass Bead Mystery Series

High Strung is Now an Audiobook!

October 5-9, The Melting Point, Sedona, AZ:  Sand Casting Residency

Janice will be working with a hot shop team to create large-scale sand cast glass sculptures.  Stop by the studio any time between 9am and 5pm to see Janice at work.  Directions to the studio

Glass beadmaker Jax O’Connell and her friend Tessa have no idea what challenges await them when they take a glassblowing class with Marco De Luca, a famous Italian glass artist—and infamous lothario.

After the first night of class, Tessa sees a body through the rain-streaked window of the studio. The next morning there’s no sign of Marco, and one of the studio owners is also missing. The local sheriff isn't taking the disappearances seriously, but Tessa knows what she saw. To complicate matters, Officer Shaw and Detective Grant are both vying for Jax’s attention as she tracks down clues in a small town that's been keeping more than one secret. Jax and Tessa must face their fears to find the body and uncover the killer before another life is shattered. 

October 21, Bead Inspirations, Alameda, CA: Quick Cuff Bracelet Class

Join Janice for a fun and easy class on using a loom to make a fabulous cuff bracelet. A great class for beginners.  Sign up here.

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October 28-29, The Crucible, Oakland, CA: Ancient Mask Beads and Vessels

Learn to create beads that look like artifacts unearthed from an archeological dig. We will discover the transformational power of masks, revealed in the flame, one bead at a time! Details and registration

​Off the Beadin' Path, Book Three in the Glass Bead Mystery Series — NEW!

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Did you know Janice is a glass artist? Visit her glass art and bead website to get a behind the scenes look at her studio and glass work at:

September 14-17, Ablaze @ Terminal City Class, Vancouver, Canada

Janice will a featured instructor during Ablaze, a new glass beadmaking conference in Vancouver.  Details and registration.

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November 3 & 5, Oakland Convention Center: Social Media Marketing for Creative People

This workshop will begin with a discussion on why having a social marketing presence is important in today’s online world and how social media marketing can help you grow the number of potential customers interested in buying your work. Link for Nov 3 Workshop.  Link for Nov 5 Workshop.

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